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Do you know exactly what vulnerabilities exist in your IT environment today?

According to one of the latest Data Breach Investigation Reports done by Verizon “61% of breaches target small and medium businesses, up from the previous year’s 53%. These cyberattacks cost small businesses anywhere between $84,000 and $148,000. And 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of such an attack.” ​

Get SecureNow and…​

  • In only 5-7 business days you will know EXACTLY what vulnerabilities exist in your IT environment!​

  • We will perform a professional grade internal and external scan of your environment.

  • We will assess the level the risk you are exposed to and we will show exactly what steps to take to immediately plug the holes exposing your data.

  • Easy to understand professional grade report.

  • 45-minute individual consultation with a certified security analyst.

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