Permanent Placements (CS)

Permanent Placement Services

Impact Group’s Permanent Placement Recruiting Process

Time. Energy. Money. If you’re searching through dozens of resumes from job seekers who don’t meet your requirements, you’re spending too much of all three. And while you continue your search, productivity is impacted by open positions.

Impact Group’s Permanent Placement Services gives you direct access to top-notch, fully-screened and well-qualified candidates in every industry and at every level. It’s a less time consuming, more cost effective and the most successful way to hire the right people for the job and for your company’s culture. We have the proven expertise to find and deliver talented individuals with the right skills and experience for your permanent positions – who share your vision and who can contribute to your success for the long term, almost from their first day on the job.

Permanent Placement Methodology

We utilize the following proven process for recruiting the best candidates for our client’s key internal positions.

  • Step 1: Discovery

    1. Hold Orientation/Kickoff Discussion
      Understand the qualifications and personality of the right candidate and as much about the Client as possible, including:

      • Background, experience, skill-set and personality of the right candidate
      • Develop “must-have” criteria
      • Identify the goals and expectations for the position
      • Clarifying the screening and interviewing process for selected candidates
      • Establishing “confidentiality” guidelines
    2. Prepare Client / Position Description
    3. Develop a Client / Position Overview and submit to Client for approval.
  • Step 2: Recruiting

    To find, qualify, and present the right candidates to our Client, we initiate extensive and focused research within our Client’s industry; within related industries; and with our trusted partners and industry insiders. Steps include:

    1. Identify Candidates
      • Identify viable candidates
      • Initiate direct contact with the viable candidates following confidentiality guidelines
      • Develop long list of qualified and interested candidates
    2. Conduct Impact Group Interviews
      • Schedule face-to-face interviews with local candidates or phone interviews with out-of-town candidates
    3. Identify Top Candidates and Develop Candidate Summaries
      • Includes Resume, Interview Notes and References List
    4. Present Candidate Summaries to Client for Review and Select Initial Interviewees
  • Step 3: Interviewing

    1. Schedule the First Round of Client Interviews
      • Impact Group participation is recommended to provide quality assurance
    2. Collect and Provide Feedback after the First Interviews
      • Provide candidate feedback to Client
      • Provide feedback to candidates from the Client
    3. Work with Client to Narrow Candidate List and Schedule Follow-up Interviews
  • Step 4: Offer and Hire

    1. Final Checks
      • Reference checking
      • Schedule background checks, drug screening, etc.
    2. Select Top Candidate and Prepare Offer
    3. Submit Employment Offer to the Selected Candidate
    4. Work with Client and selected candidate to gain acceptance
  • Step 5: Follow-up

    1. Monitor the candidate’s resignation notice to current employer
    2. Provide transition assistance to both parties


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