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Most of today’s products are transforming into technology-powered products. Companies that don’t realize this are rapidly being disrupted. That’s where our Minneapolis IT consulting and product management service team comes in.

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Using an Agile software development methodology can provide great benefits in terms of rapid software development and staying close to the customer. However, when some companies shifted to Agile development they stopped performing critical life-cycle activities, such as developing business cases, crafting the market strategies, or planning for launches or end of life. In addition, the requirements gathered by Business Analysts were not put into the proper framework for the intended solution, which resulted in the features being developed in the wrong order and Minimum Viable Product feature not being prioritized first.

In addition, many organizations have not yet adopted Product Management principles so Project Managers perform both roles, often without realizing there were product marketing tasks that needed to be accomplished, such as product conception before development begins, release management while the software product is in operation, and sun-setting as the product is nearing the end of its life-cycle. The net effect is to reduce or eliminate the development and delivery benefits of going Agile because the strategic business aspects were not being addressed.

Our Minneapolis IT consulting experts at Impact Group understand that software development processes, especially when using an Agile approach, must consider and be guided by the organization’s business objectives, not just by the opinion of the Program / Manager or Analysts working on the team. Our Product Management methodology has been proven to be effective at providing the governance required to properly guide the development effort while also identifying and removing organizational impediments to the successful implementation of the software solution. Our Product Management consultants believe in the following principles.

  • The time to manage the risk inherent in product development is up-front, before large amounts of time and money are expended.
  • Product Managers must work collaboratively with designers, engineers, developers, and stakeholders to obtain optimal results.
  • Good product managers know it about achieving business results, which means solving problems and implementing solutions, not simply adding new features.
  • Product Managers and the teams they manage must be empowered to do whatever it takes to deliver a product that market will embrace and they should be held accountable for delivering te associated business results.

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“When a product succeeds, it’s because everyone on the team did what they needed to do. But, when a product fails, it’s the Product Manager’s fault.” Marty Cagan

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