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Kortech’s team of Facilities Managers manage facilities projects and on-going maintenance for your organization to ensure the functionality of the building environment through the integration of people, place, process and technology. These services encompass multiple disciplines including: electrical, plumbing, painting, HVAC, elevator, construction, landscaping, and snow-removal.

Kortech Facility Managers help our clients understand the potential impact of their decisions on their provision of space, services, cost and business risk. We help assure your facilities are being operated and maintained in a safe, secure and cost-effective manner. Failure to do so may lead to unhealthy conditions leading to employee or client illnesses or injuries, loss of business, prosecution and insurance claims. The confidence of customers and investors in the business may also be affected by adverse publicity from safety lapses.


Kortech Facilities Managers work with your current contractors or bring our pre-approved sub-contractor to the table to assure your FM needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our sub-contractors are prescreened and pre-approved to assure they meet our rigorous quality standards. All laborers are vetted via a drug-screen and background-check process 


  • Safety – our FM will assure that all facilities work is performed safely which minimizes the change a mishap will occur and helps avoid negative publicity and litigation

  • OSHA approved Facilities Managers – our FMS are OSHA-30 (30-hour training) course approved to help assure all work is compliant with OSHA regulations and performed in a safe environment

  • Coordination of multiple contractors / vendors – our FM will work with each contractor / vendor to make sure their work activities do not interfere with each other

  • Communication – if systems need to be shut down, our FM will assure this is communicated to management and employees well in advance of the event to avoid unpleasant, unsafe surprises

  • Reduce overhead costs – avoid the overhead and project management fees charged by General Contractors, which increase the cost of their bids by 8% to 10%

  • Knowledge continuity of your facilities – our FM will be assigned to your organization’s facilities for the long-haul; they will learn the nuances of your systems and business processes to assure project safety and success, and minimize costs

  • Facilities management cost reporting and management – our FM will maintain records and produce weekly or monthly reports of all faculties-related expenses so you can make informed FM decisions

  • Capital Project Management – our FMs can manage large capital projects, such as the upgrade of a cafeteria, the building of a new parking garage or the remodeling of your entire facility

  • Prescreened subcontractors and laborers – you can rest assured that the contractors working in your facility have been prescreened to avoid performance and other issues