Outsourcing – Should Your Company Outsource IT?

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When is it a good time to consider outsourcing your IT and should you even do it?

This is a good question and one that needs to be looked at in detail. Here are some of the signs that might be pointing you in the direction of looking for a good managed IT services provider:

1) Resolving the growth gap

If your company finds itself in a growth mode it might make sense to turn to a professionally managed IT service provider vs. trying to play catch up with your limited internal resources. This allows you to focus on your core business instead of spreading your resources thin into areas that require immediate expertise you are short on in-house.

2) Resolving the skills gap

This gap is related to what we looked at previously but in a different way. Your growth might not only require more people that you don’t have, but you might also lack people with a skill set needed to take you to the next level. Do you really want to manage the process of finding or developing such talent internally when there are companies who already have access to the kind of talent you are looking for?

3) Becoming more strategic

Turning over fully or partially your internal IT to a company that understands your business and knows how to develop a long-term partner-vendor relationship with you might be one of the best ways for you to become more strategic with the way you run your business. Why? Because you are tapping into someone else’s many years of experience. The technology cycle is getting shorter and shorter while top-notch talent is not becoming easier to find. Becoming strategic in the way you handle IT is often times the one thing that truly separates the best from the good.

These are only three quick points relative to a big question that requires a much deeper thought-process and discussion. Let us know if we at IMPACT Group can be part of your journey – we might just be the vendor-partner you need to help you regain control of your business and increase your performance like never before. Download this PDF and learn more about what this process involves. Or call us at 651-415-2214 and we’ll be happy to learn more about your unique challenges while looking for the solutions that might be right for you.

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