Robotic Process Automation (2019)

Robotic Process Automation

Impact Group has been providing business process modeling and process improvement services since our inception 28 years ago. Today, we are building on this substantial experience base by offering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services, utilizing RPA tools such as Blue Prism. A typical high-impact engagement includes three steps: process definition, process optimization, and process automation. RPA solutions reduce costs and increase efficiency without requiring a length project or an onerous and complex implementation.

While the finance industry — banks, insurers and investment management companies — have been early adopters of RPA, any company with repetitive back office functions such as invoice or purchase order approval, can benefit from RPA. Removing the burden of performing tedious tasks will allow your employees to focus on high-return tasks, improving accuracy, productivity and moral.

High Impact RPA Methodology

  • Step One: Process Definition. Define the AS-IS business processes through modeling and documentation

  • Step Two: Process Improvement. Assess your current process flows to identity opportunities for improvement and create the To-BE model.

  • Step Three: Process Automation. Utilize proven, process automation development tools to develop a custom, well-tested automation solution that will perform the work for you.

  • Step Four: Process Optimization.  This is a closed-loop feedback effort where we perform root cause analysis of the forms that are flagged as non-standard exceptions by the automation tool and work with your team to address upstream process or data issues.

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